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National Exposition of France at InterAGRO 2018


Axema Association of French manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment. 1A373
Credit Agricole Bank Banking and financial services. 1A362

Limagrain Ukraine Selection, production and sale of seed of field, vegetable and cereal crops. 1A364
MAS Seeds Ukraine Brand of the Group Cooperative MAÏSADOUR: selection, production and sale of corn, sunflower and rape seeds. 1A361
OTECH Manufacture of automatic irrigation systems. 1A372
Peugeot Citroën Ukraine Cars and commercial vehicles. 1A352
RAGT Semences Ukraine Selection, production and sale of field, fodder, cereals and oil seeds. 1A351
SIMA – SIMAGENA Organizer of the International Agricultural Exhibition SIMA/SIMAGENA. 1A375
Sojam Ukraine
One of the largest French producers of insecticides, grai and elevators protection. 1A371
Sorghum ID Intersectoral association of sorghum - from seeds to processing. 1A374
Business France National agency supporting the international development of the French economy, organizer of the French national exposition. 1A373
BERTHOUD AGRICOLE Plant protection, self-propelled  and mounted sprayers 2C104
KUHN Agricultural machinery. 3А111
SOUFFLET Innovative farm products, complex solutions and agribusiness consulting. 1А441
Tecnoma Manufacturer of agricultural sprayers. 2A314
TOTAL Energy company. 1С224,

Our exhibitions

Agro Animal Show - international exhibition of the effective animal husbandry and poultry  GRAIN TECH EXPO - international exhibition of innovative solutions in grain business  FRUIT. VEGETABLES. LOGISTICS - international exhibition of high-technology vegetable-growing, industrial gardening and viticulture


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